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Ilustratour is a project by i con i

We are illustrators, consultants, managers and designers united around one passion: drawings. Additionally, we have common ideas, like thinking that by taking care of the small things we can achieve big things. Or like having fun with what we do is crucial. And we want to spread throughout the world the things we like.


Rafael Vivas, founder
Nati Rodríguez, founder
Elisa Bravo, iconi School director
Sergio Pérez, art director
Sabela Mendoza, project director

Do you have any doubt or suggestion? You can contact us at these e-mail addresses; we will be delighted to hear from you.

Sabela Mendoza, Ilustratour director:

Almudena Sacristán, media:

Almudena Cañadas, General enquiries and registrations:

Leticia G. Vilamea, Questions about attending publishers, Ilustratour Market and the Ilustratour Network program:

Ilustratour 2015 group of consultants

For the first time, from Ilustratour we wanted to rely on the special consultancy of a professional group from Madrid, great illustrators and experts on the subject, as well as friends. Their different voices – that stand out for their activity in the illustration sector -, help us to think about the program and the goals of the festival.

Ana Garralón
Javier Olivares
Jorge González
Olga de Dios

* If you want to participate in any reflection meeting and contribute with your ideas, critics or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us at

Some other contributions to Ilustratour 2015

Teresa Bellón, illustrator and designer / Author of the Ilustratour 2015 mascot
Manuel Parrilla Sánchez / Animations
Fátima Ropero / Translations

Carmen García Sanz, designer/ Creator of the corporate identity of the 8th edition of Ilustratour ()
Sergio Pérez, designer and art director at iconi / Web design and development