Campus is the new Ilustratour space for creating, training and experimenting around drawing and illustration. The place where creativity, inspiration and people come together.

Intensive Workshops, Research Courses, Master Classes and Meeting Spaces to exchange knowledge with the best international artists. A space to learn and smile at the same time.

Less is more. Intensive workshop with Javier Zabala (ES)

The title of this course, that famous sentence, perfectly defines what we will aim to accomplish during these days of work in which we will share talent, doubts, fears, achievements, successes and failures.
We will specially look for the maximum simplicity in our images.
Communicating a lot with the minimum elements possible. We will look for syntheses.
We will talk about books, always around narrative, be it graphic or literary, and about the needed tensions between them.
Finding the essence of a character, that thing that defines it, that belongs only to its personality, that thing that, at the bottom line, differences it from the rest.
Finding the limit, the balance between too much and too little.
Actually, all the things that do not tell something in an illustration are graphic noise and noise always prevents from listening to the message.
The idea versus the emotion. The narrative tensions, the contrasts, the harmonies, the image and the text, the use of the infinite fine arts possibilities, the intuition as a kind of fast intelligence that will lead you to a place no one has been before or at least it will take us to a known place, but with a new point of view.
Chance as a creative tool.
Essentially, the pictorial and graphic techniques, the different rules about composition, the color, the outlines, the rhythm in a book, the storyboard… all those things you study (and of course we will study them in this course…) are not the important things. What matters is what you want to do with them, what is the aim, what is the purpose of using them.
A good illustrator is not who masters the fine arts techniques, is who knows how to narrate with them. No one will call you a writer or a poet if you know how to read or write, but because of what you communicate through words.
After these days, we will all be a little bit different.

From Monday, July 20th to Thursday, July 23rd, from 10 am to 2 pm and from 4 pm to 8 pm
(30 h)
*Workshop in Spanish
Places: 20 maximum


Thinking, laughing, drawing. Graphic Humor Course of 4 workshop sessions with Darío Adanti, Manel Fontdevila, Liniers and other to be confirmed

4 days for laughing (and drawing) to death, but also for thinking how serious humour can be. Each day with a different guest. The first day we will be accompanied by Darío Adanti, cartoonist, illustrator and animator from Argentina but settle in Madrid, one of the founders of the Spanish famous satiric magazine Mongolia. The great Spanish cartoonist Manel Fontdevila (Manel) comes for the third session. Very well-known by his works for some magazines and newspapers like El Jueves, Orsai, Público… and currently working for the new Orgullo y Satisfacción satirical magazine, he will be sharing some examples of his work and helping us to develop what he does so well: drawing humour strips and jokes in some bad taste. Finally, our last guest arrivegin from Argentina, the great cartoonist Liniers. We will immerse ourselves in his humour through his famous characters such as Macanudo. And of course, we will listen to some rock music.

From Monday, July 20th to Wednesday, July 22sd, from 10 am to 2 pm and from 4 pm to 8 pm. Thursday, July 23rd, from 10 am to 3 pm
(30 h)
*Workshop in Spanish
Places: 25 maximum.
With the possibility of signing up for individual days or for the complete workshop.


Illustrating the 5 SENSES. Intensive workshop with Ana Ventura

The aim of this workshop is to awake all our senses for the visual creation of an object: a book, a poster, a CD cover… to learn to look not only with the eyes, but also with the head, the trunk and the limbs. Feeling ready to express all our perceptions and sensations.

We are going to look with the EYES, with the HEAD, with the NOSE, with the HANDS and with the EARS. Different ways of looking. I will try to guide every proposal made by participants individually. In a workshop, it is essential to share the collective knowledge acquired, so that the individual knowledge learns new ways of looking, feeling and knowing. We will share some books, pictures and stories that will be of great use for our own creations.

We will dedicate each day of the workshop to work on one sense and to transform our perceptions into a visual narration, into the world of images we work with, by enriching it. We will finish each day by sharing the works done by the participants and doing a debate.

On the 1st day we will start by the sense of SIGHT, with exercises that help us “see the (in)visible”. I will give you an illustration of my own for you to continue drawing it. The 2nd day will be dedicated to the sense of SMELL and TASTE. We will draw with our eyes blindfolded, illustrating the taste and smell of different food surprises that will help us building a visual narration of the sensations. On the 3rd day we will work on the sense of TOUCH by drawing objects just by touching them, without using the sight, in order to build a touch mini-book. On the 4th day we will finish with the sense of HEARING by transforming a music chosen by each of you into images.

From Monday, July 20th to Thursday, July 23rd, from 10 am to 2 pm and from 4 pm to 8 pm
(30 h)
*Workshop in Spanish
Places: 20 maximum

Using your voice. Wokshop with Ellen Weinstein (US)

The workshop will focus on design thinking and problem solving. How do you maintain a personal vision while creating work for clients and a consistent voice through your personal and commissioned work?
Through a series of short exercises culminating in a series of posters we will explore ways to use our own visual vocabulary in work done for others and ourselves. Ellen Weinstein will be delivering lectures and leading discussions throughout this hands-on workshop. The workshop is designed for professionals and students of all ages and levels.
Course Highlights:
– Developing concept from sketch to final art
– Communicate ideas in your own voice
– Incorporate your personality and interests into your work
– Learn to work quickly for effective communication
– Combine different techniques to develop personal style
– Create design with your own illustration and typography.

From Monday, July 20th to Thursday, July 23rd, from 10 am to 3 pm (20 h)
With the support of the Rhode Island School of Design
Places: 25 maximum


The Memory Wood. Workshop with Britta Teckentrup (GER)

Britta Teckentrup will base her workshop on her famous children’s book The memory Tree. From this sensitive and genuine story, that deals with the difficult issues of loss and death, Britta will propose the construction of a collective mural – artistic intervention between all the workshop participants.
“Together we will create a large forest collage of memories. The forest will start as skeleton of trees and will hopefully turn into a densely populated forest by the end of the workshop. We will focus on visual responses to memories and emotions – trying to nurture the place where stories and images come from to find your own individual voice. This workshop will look into the medium of hand-made and digital collage whilst strongly encouraging you to work in your own individual style and medium.”

From Monday, July 20th to Thursday, July 23rd, from 10 am to 3 pm (20 h)

With the support of the Goethe Institut
*Workshop in English
Places: 25 maximum


Workshop with William Grill (UK)

William is a London based llustrator and recent graduate from University College Falmouth. He has worked for a variety of clients such as Harrods, Radley, Shelter and the New York Times. William has a penchant for small sketchbooks and finds most of his inspiration when wandering from one place to the next. More information about his workshop coming soon

*Dates and schedule to be confirmed. * We will open registrations soon, once the schedule is confirmed

With the support of the British Council
Places: 25 maximum

Stirring to illustrate. Dance and drawing Workshop with María Pascual and Irene Cantero (ES)

If I move, will my drawing move along with me?
Movement and drawing have gone hand in hand since the earliest times and during this workshop we will explore the great expressive possibilities that the gathering of both disciplines brings us.
We will suggest trying together how if I move my body, I can “move” my drawings: observing the way other people communicate with non-verbal language and experiencing ourselves what happens if we do not only use our hand and wrist to draw.
We will explore different rhythms, formats, techniques, outlines and gestures. We will verify how preparing my body for the action of moving also prepares my mind. We will loose knots to free creativity and ease the gathering of new fine arts resources, letting our whole body participate in this new game.

Who is it for:
In this workshop experimented illustrators that want to explore different creating tools will find their place, as well as beginners that are looking for their path in illustration and need to find “their way of illustrating”. And, above all, those who want to move – no need to have previous dancing knowledge -.

* * Thursday afternoon there will be a work display and an open to the public exercise as an example of the processes presented during the workshop.

From Monday, July 20th to Thursday, July 23rd, from 4.30 to 9.30 pm (20 h) at the venue of the Compañía Nacional de Danza
*Workshop in Spanish

With the support of the Compañía Nacional de Danza – CND
Places: 25 maximum


Illustrating ideas. Workshop with Emiliano Ponzi (IT)

The content of my workshop will be mostly on the developing abilities to work on an original illustration based on an artcile, or an Ad slogan The skill to make connections between the topic we are working on,our memories and the envirnments we have to match with.

From Monday, July 20th to Thursday, July 23rd, from 3.30 pm to 8.30 pm (20 h)
With the support of the Istituto Italino di Cultura di Madrid and Mimaster Illustrazione Shool (Milano).
This workshop is part of #illustration Trip 2015, a collaborative and exchanging project developed by an European network of arts, illustration and design schools
* Workshop in English
Places: 25 maximum


Autobiographies. Workshop with Aitor Saraiba (ES)

Aitor Saraiba draws, paints, takes photos, videos, pottery and actions. But above all, he likes to tell stories. He has published three graphic novels, “El hijo del Legionario”, “Pajarillo” and “Nada más importa”, all three being autobiographies. In this workshop Saraiba will tell us, besides about the story of his life, the way in which we can tell ours.
His literary, music and art influences, together with his own experiences, will be the theoretical background of this workshop. The workshop will also be accompanied by practical exercises.
The workshop ends with an artistic action open to the public, “Dibujos curativos”, on Thursday 23rd, from 6 pm, in which the participants of the workshop may also be a part of: “It is about holding in your hands a unique piece of art, made just for you or for those who need more than just a generic medicine. The added value of the immediacy, the proximity of the own and the private, the suggestion of the intimate and the communication between the transmitter and the receiver of the piece-medicine is lived and experienced in a unique way during this action.”

From Monday, July 20th to Thursday, July 23rd, from 3.30 pm to 8.30 pm (20 h)
*Workshop in Spanish
Places: 25 maximum

How to animate illustrations and create interactive stories with TigerCreate

Breathe new life into your illustrations: Use the possibilities of digital media, enliven the characteristics of your protagonists with movements and actions and add unexpected turning points to your story.

At this workshop, we will show you how to turn your illustrations into interactive stories with lovely and effective animations – with absolutely no coding required on your part! We will guide you through the creation of a whole interactive children´s book based on your own illustrations.

At first, you will get to know the possibilities of TigerCreate, our animation software, to create e-books and apps. We will then have a look at the user interface and acquaint ourselves with it by solving little animation tasks. This will be followed by basic ideas of animation, elementary techniques and some helpful guidelines. We are going to ask ourselves about additional demands for turning an illustration into an animated scene. We will teach you basic animation options like frame per frame or object-based animation and together we will discover the conditions and realization of cinematic staging. In addition to this, we will also address matters of storytelling. You will also learn about characteristics and effects of linear and nonlinear storytelling.

Every session will start with a theoretical part and some exercises. In the afternoons, you will have time to work with your own illustrations and figure out a strategy for the animation of your story. At the end of the workshop you´ll have your own short interactive e-book and app!

Bring your own device!

Please bring a Mac with the following technical conditions to run TigerCreate:

  • Mac OSX 10.9.x (Mavericks) (or newer)
  • Minimum 8 GB RAM
  • Intel Core i5 Prozessor (or newer) with 2.5 GHz
  • Display-resolution minimum 1280×800 Pixel
  • Xcode 6.0.1 (free software)

About TigerCreate

TigerCreate is a software program designed to create interactive e-books and apps with absolute ease for all key platforms. It offers a comprehensive range of design options and the possibility of compiling animated picture books intuitively.

From Monday, July 20th to Wednesday, July 22nd, from 4.00 to 9.00 pm.
Thursday, July 23rd, from 10 am to 2 pm and from 4.00 to 8.00 pm
(23 h)
Factoría Cultural, Matadero Madrid
Sponsored by TigerCreate.
With the support of Factoría Cultural
Places: 20 maximum
Registration fee: 20 €

Masterclass with Javier Olivares (ES)

Un dibujante bajo la influencia.. Como ilustradores, una vez que abrimos los ojos, ya no podemos cerrarlos mas.

Todos construímos nuestro propio lenguaje con palabras pronunciadas por otros, con soluciones e imágenes que nos forman, que nos revelan, nos deslumbran o nos empujan. El mapa de las influencias de cada uno presenta siempre un recorrido aparentemente inconexo. El mío recorre países lógicos como Corben, Moebius, Raúl, Breccia, Alex Toth o Jose Muñoz. Pero también he visitado a cineastas como Welles, diseñadores como Paul Rand, o escenógrafos como Robert Wilson y la huella de cada uno de ellos se puede rastrear en mi trabajo con un poco de paciencia y un calzado adecuado.

En esta clase hablaré de mis influencias y ellas os hablarán de mí.

* Monday, 20th of July, from 4 to 6 pm
* Masterclass in Spanish

Masterclass with Jorge González (AR)

¿Por qué y para qué hago esto?. ¿Qué aporta la ilustración al mundo que vivimos? ¿qué lecturas y posibilidades ofrece que nos ayudan a ensanchar nuestros horizontes?

Desde hace muchísimos años veo el trabajo del ilustrador como medio para saber de uno mismo, para perderse, para jugar y para diluir límites íntimos. Todo se vuelve más amplio y más abstracto. Instalarse primero en el caos y abandonarse en esa incertidumbre. Hay herramientas más conscientes que pueden usarse luego de haber disfrutado ese espacio. Me gustaría que las charlas llevasen a la ilustración y al dibujo más allá del discurso conocido, más allá de una propuesta de mercado, intentando divagar y buscar ideas acerca de la relación de fondo que nos une con los colores, las formas, el deseo de contar, el silencio, el ritmo, etc. Llevarlo a una preocupación más íntima. ¿Por qué hago esto? ¿para qué lo hago?… Ahí está la relación con uno mismo y con el otro.

* Monday, 20th of July, from 6 to 8 pm
* Masterclass in Spanish


Masterclass with Ana Garralón (ES)

Masterclass about the informative picture book.

* Tuesday, 21st of July, from 4 to 6 pm
* Masterclass in Spanish


Masterclass with Mágoz (ES)

How to condense an in-depth analysis, a breaking news or brainy article in a synthetic, attractive, powerful image… direct like a clout, food for thoughts. Mágoz will teach us how he develops those minimalist, concise and powerful images that distinguish his work, putting into practice some news stories of the day or that subject that has been on our heads for a while without finding a way for visual translation.

* Thursday, 23rd of July, from 4 to 6 pm
* Masterclass in Spanish


Masterclass with Liniers (AR)

Laughing, drawing and listening to rock music. It is as easy and enjoyable as this. An afternoon to get to know the work of the brilliant Argentinean draftsman, to practice together the quick and fresh humor behind creations like Macanudo, and to loose your hand towards laughter and music.

* Friday, 24th of July, from 11 to 1 am
* Masterclass in Spanish

Masterclass with William Grill (UK)

On Shackleton’s Journey
William is a London based illustrator. First time author and recent graduate from University College Falmouth, William Grill is a fresh-faced new talent. With a slew of prizes and exhibitions under his belt, Grill’s vibrant colours and cheerful illustration truly bring his work alive.
In this Masterclass William will share the creative process and secrets of the international success and award-winning book Shackleton’s Journey:
“To celebrate Ernest Shackleton’s departure on “Endurance” across the Antarctic, star illustrator William Grill brings us a detailed visual narrative of this extraordinary and historical expedition. Grill’s beautiful use of coloured pencils and vibrant hues place him somewhere on the artistic spectrum between Raymond Briggs and David Hockney, and his fastidious cataloguing of every single detail of the expedition is nothing short of a Blackstock collection. Grill evokes the atmosphere and intrepid excitement that would have surrounded the expedition with his impeccably researched and detailed drawings. Children will love examining the exploded diagrams of the peculiar provision taken or the individual drawings of the sled dogs or pack horses. This book takes the academic and historical information surrounding the expedition and re-interprets it for a younger audience in a way that will capture their imaginations.” (From Flying Eye Books).

* Friday, 24th of July, from 1 to 3 pm
* Masterclass in English

Masterclass with Edmond Baudoin (AR)

When performing….I like to paint standing in front of an inclined board, because if I stop, I fell asleep. I draw with my whole body. Contemporary Dance has been like a revelation to me. The possible readings it gives (rhithm changes, different messages that can be shown in only one plane, the abstratcion of the gesture) have provided me a lot in my work around the comic. In addition, I adore the kind of danger you can breath when acting in front of the public, I love the performance.

When I think I´m a teacherThree years invited to Quebec as university teacher in Gautenau. Art and Comic teacher. My academic career finished when I was sixteen with a primary education diploma. When I was offered this job, my mother had just passed away. She always wanted that one of her sons become a teacher, but she never knew I finally got it.

When I believe I´m an artistDrawing and painting arrived first. Comic came later, long time after. Since always, if time allows, I deal with my past dreams. Every time I stand in front of the canvas, I feel like a little kid, that kid of 12 years old with the colour oil painting tubes that my father had given me. Since 2007, Petit Papiers gallery from Brussels let me turn back to that childhood. It’s very comforting feeling like a beginner, like a sixty years old kid.

* Tuesday, 21st of July, from 6 to 8 pm

Open Hub

Do you miss your studio, atelier, your table, your lounge? Come on, here you can find your corner for reflection, meeting, resting or retreat. The place for continuing the Campus experience during the time between hours. From Monday 20th until Thurdsday 23th, from 10 am to 3 pm and from 4 pm to 8 pm, we open our doors of the iconi office, so as to make you feel in home.


From Monday, July 20th to Thursday, July 23rd
Casa del Lector. Classrooms


Campus is intended for illustrators, art students or people that feel an interest for drawing and illustration. A previous level is not required, just real curiosity. Small groups. Maximum of 25 participants per workshop, minimum of 10.
Activities with previous registration and payment