Activities 2015



We organize activities with a clear goal: to connect the universe of illustration and drawing with the general public, more or less connoisseur, of all ages. These activities do not only involve drawing, there are also many other ways of experiencing and understanding drawing. But they all have a common focus: being a transformative experience for those who live it.

Ilustratour is the place to turn ourselves into readers of images. And also the place to shake hands with their creators.

*Program under construction


Curative Drawings (Dibujos curativos). Artistic therapy action with Aitor Saraiba

“It’s about holding in your hands a unique work of art, made just for you, or for somebody else who needs more than generic medicines. The added value of immediacy, the closeness of the privacy, the power of intimacy and communication between speaker and listener leads us to a genuine experience in this artistic action.

Thursday 23rd of July, from 7.00 pm
Casa del Lector
Free activity, open for general public


Book signing with Ilustratour 2015 guest artists

Open meetings with Anthony Browne, Hanne Barholin, Aitor Saraiba, Britta Teckentrup, Ellen Weinstein, Emiliano Ponzi, Javier Olivares, Javier Zabala, Jorge González, Liniers, Mágoz, Paula Bonet, William Grill.

From Friday, 24th to Sunday 26th, at the Ilustratour Market
Casa del Lector
Free activity, open for general public


Living and working as an illustrator. The illustrator’s survival guide Public talk with Emiliano Ponzi and Mimaster Illustrazione School

Public talk and debate at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Madrid, with the award winning illustrator and author Emiliano Ponzi, together with Ivan Canu and Giacomo Benelli, responsibles for Mimaster Illustrazione School (Milan). They will analyze the golden tips, difficulties and opportunities behind the challenge of turning our artistic passion into a way of life and proffesional living.

Wednesday, the 22nd of July, at 12.00 am
Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Madrid (Mayor St., num 86)
Free activity, open for general public


Book presentation: “Mi querida Babel” with La mano cornutta publishing house. An artistic book with letters by Juan Pablo Silvestre and illustrations by Ana Juan.

La mano cornutta edit and produce this genuine art edition, based on the song by Juan Pablo Silvestre “Mi querida Babel”, with the inspiring and delicate drawings by Ana Juan (Premio Nacional de Ilustración / Illustration National Prize of Spain).

With the collaboration of Eliseo Parra for the music.

Graphic concept by Oscar Mariné (Premio Nacional de Diseño / Design National Prize of Spain). A book to ve seen, touched and even listened.

Dates and space yet to be confirmed
Casa del Lector
Free activity, open for general public


Der Baum der Erinnerung / The memory tree. Workshop for children with Britta Teckentrup.

“The Memory Tree is the story of a fox that dies, whose friends gather around him and, in their grief, begin to tell stories about how the fox has improved each of their lives. As they each share their stories, a tree begins to grow. And over time, as more stories are told, it flourishes and becomes ‘… the tallest tree in the forest… a tree made from memories and full of love.’ The animals shelter in the tree and it becomes a place of joy and hope. ‘And so, Fox lived on in their hearts forever”.

The story works through different stages of grieve – sadness, silence, remembering, re-assurance, hope and joy – and death is treated as an integral part of life.

The workshop will start with Britta giving a reading and talking about what inspired her to write the book (The starting point was the passing of her grandmother, she wanted to write a book that celebrated her life and express how she lives on in her memory). Each child will be given a sheet of a tree of memories and will be asked to fill it with either loved ones (family & friends) or something they would like to remember -the loss of a friend who moved away, or a pet dying, or even something as simple as a lost toy- as every child has experienced some kind of loss.

Wednesday, the 22nd of July at 12.00 am(aprox. duration: 1h)
Goethe Institut Madrid (Zurbarán St., num 21, Madrid)
Activity subject to previous registration.
More info about the workshop and how to participate here.


From Monday, July 20th to Sunday, July 26th
Several dates, times and schedules
Casa del lector / Matadero Madrid / Other spaces in Madrid


Illustration and drawing are to be enjoyed for all, both when we look carefuly to a simple image or when we mix drawing with other artistic and cultural expressions. They inspire us and open our minds to new horizons. That’s why we have created the Open Program, with free activities and paid activities for all ages, likes and tastes.