Dance 2015


Stirring to illustrate. Open dance exhibition – graphic performance (work in progress), with Maria Pascual, Irene Cantero and workshop participants.

If I move, will my drawing move along with me?

Movement and drawing have gone hand in hand since the earliest times and during this workshop we will explore the great expressive possibilities that the gathering of both disciplines brings us.

We will suggest trying together how if I move my body, I can “move” my drawings: observing the way other people communicate with non-verbal language and experiencing ourselves what happens if we do not only use our hand and wrist to draw. We will explore different rhythms, formats, techniques, outlines and gestures. We will verify how preparing my body for the action of moving also prepares my mind. We will loose knots to free creativity and ease the gathering of new fine arts resources, letting our whole body participate in this new game.

Thursday, July 23rd, at 9 pm (date and space yet to be confirmed)


Thursday, July 23rd, at 9 pm
Date and space yet to be confirmed


Illustration and drawing are to be enjoyed for all, both when we look carefuly to a simple image or when we mix drawing with other artistic and cultural expressions. They inspire us and open our minds to new horizons. That’s why we have created the Open Program, with free activities and paid activities for all ages, likes and tastes.